Scrub Jay lot? What are Scrub Jays?

The Florida Scrub-jay is a bird in the Jay family that is protected under both State and Federal laws. In addition, Scrub habitats, nests and eggs are also protected by these regulations. They are very sought after by bird watchers and can be attracted by   backyards that provide bird-friendly habitat that includes oak trees, pines and scrub brush. They will visit feeders for suet, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

In order to clear or build on a Scrub Jay lot  you must fill out an application. For properties that contain scrub habitats or are occupied by Florida Scrub-jays, consultation is required with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service prior to initiating a clearing project and before the county may issue a mulching permit, building permit or tree removal and protection permit.

Curious as to the lot you are interested in is a Scrub Jay Lot? Check this link out…IS THIS A SCRUB JAY LOT?

It can cost quite a bit of money when attempting to getting applications to build on Scrub Jay lots. The permits are for “habitat replenishment”.

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