Why Hire a Seller’s Agent?

Here are several reasons why you should hire a sellers agent:

  • We are trained negotiators.
    We spend every day working with clients to negotiate sales. We have the experience, insight and knowledge to negotiate better offers and get you more money that you would be able to yourself.
  • We are not emotionally involved.
    We are not emotionally involved with your home so we can tour potential buyers around the property and we won’t take their comments personally- your pride in your home can get in the way of many sales.
  • We are educated about market values.
    You may know what the house down the street sold for, but we specialize in real estate and we have much better knowledge about what your house is worth than you do.
  • Law of Supply and Demand.
    We have access to a pool of buyers while you only have access to a few (if any) so the law of averages dictates that we can sell your home quicker than you can.
  • Ability to qualify serious buyers.
    We are trained to be able to qualify prospective buyers before we take them through your home so we don’t waste our time. How many times will you prepare your home for a showing and have no one show up?
  • The longer it takes to sell, the more money you will lose.
    The greatest enthusiasm for a house is within the first 14 days on the market and they is when it will sell for the most amount of money. Beyond that, the home will become stale-dated and market shopped- potential buyers will start asking “what’s wrong with with the house if it hasn’t sold yet?”. Because we have the ability to attract more buyers, we can sell your home faster, which normally means it will sell for more money.
  • Marketing = exposure = more buyer = better price.
    We have a solid marketing campaign, which will give you better exposure in the marketplace than you would get yourself. The greater the exposure, the more buyers who will see your property, which generally means it will sell for a higher price.
  • You only pay if we are successful.
    There is no risk to using our services because you only pay us when we successfully sell your home. We assume all of the risk by using our time and money to market your home with no guarantee of a return unless it sells.