Tarpon of Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande


Reel screaming , rod bending,  tackle busting, boat pulling, high flying, silver king. Just a few terms used to describe arguably the best fighting fish on the planet and a frequent catch here in the Charlotte Harbor. Weighing in at an average of 90 to 140 pounds and often caught around the 200 pound mark with the record being 286 these fish are what dreams are made of if you are a fisherman.

Tens of thousands of Tarpon swarm the Boca Grande Pass, the inter coastal water way, and the Charlotte Harbor every year. The Tarpon make their home here several months out of the year. Usually we start seeing them in significant numbers in late March and heading out again in October. Often times making their way up the Peace River and Myakka River where they are caught in brackish water. Nothing like seeing an alligator laying on the bank and hooking into a salt water fish at the same time.


Fishing Tips and Facts:

Although little is known about the tarpon, this prehistoric animal is considered one of the most interesting creatures in the world. The tarpon is the only fish with an air bladder, which allows it to breathe air from the surface.


Estimated that 5,000 tarpon are landed here in Boca Grande Pass alone each spring.

Live shrimp or pinfish make good baits, but plastics and Keys-style streamers work too. When sight fishing, land your presentation softly in front of a tarpon at an angle that lets you withdraw your lure away from the tarpon. Free lining a small tarpon Crab or using a soft plastic bait works well too.


If your looking for Ground Zero for Tarpon Fishing then Charlotte Harbor is it!! Many people make Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte their home for this reason. Nothing like leaving your back door and fishing for world class fish in just a few minutes.

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