Every time I take a client out on my boat I get the same question “what are those balls floating everywhere?” ….We have Crabs I tell them. Lots of them!! We have commercial and recreational crab fisherman that put their Crab Pots out loaded with bait to entice these angry fellas into the cage. The Crabs in Charlotte Harbor are an excellent choice for bait and a  excellent choice for dinner. The big Tarpon that frequent these waters will agree that not much is better.


Many months out of the year you will find a crab trap set behind my own house. What is better than fresh Crab a little hot sauce and a cold  beer? Not much I say!! Especially when you can catch dinner right behind your home in PGI or Port Charlotte as the canals are loaded with them.

Here is a link to the regulations concerning crabbing.

On a side note: My wife especially enjoys crabbing because she like seeing a grown man squeal and run like a teenage girl when one pinches me.

Just another reason to live in Charlotte County Florida


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