Chasing dreams. Stop Wishing and just do it.

Feeling a bit Sappy tonight and this blogging is kind of fun so I thought I would try to put in words what drives a country boy from the hills to the Gulf of Mexico and South West Florida.

Have you ever felt home sick and did not know why? Felt like you just belonged somewhere? Or something was missing but everything seemed in place? That was the way I tried to describe the way I felt to my wife so many times. I had a vision in my mind, a goal, something that I couldn’t really put my hands on but yet I knew what it was. …..I have Salt water in my veins.

After living near the ocean when I was a child I have always felt like it was part of me. It was in my mind constantly and always pulling.  Finally I took the leap. I sold everything, right down to my beloved rabbit dogs and headed South in the Uhaul with a couple of my boys and our Choclate Lab.  A couple weeks behind me was my wife and other 2 children as they had some loose ends to tie up while I got the 2 oldest in enrolled in school. …

Fast forward a year or two……….

Kids are doing great, family is healthy, work is good, I love my job at Keller Williams in Punta Gorda. First time in my life I have ever said that!! Of course their are bumps in the road but no regrets and I would do it again.


And that feeling, that goal, that vision I had. Well, we were sitting on the boat anchored by the beach  an evening not long ago and I realized as I watched the sunset that I had not felt that way in a while. The kids playing, the sound of the ocean, the warm Gulf breeze, the smell of the water. The sunset was amazing as it is most evenings here. Its hard to put in words as it is not happy, and it is not sad. It is peaceful, calming, humbling. The fiery sky transforms into the indigo of night and a at home feeling engulfs you like a wave of tranquility…..I am home.


Gulf of Mexico, South West Florida, Port Charlotte, Charlotte Harbor.