Charlotte Harbor Sharks!!

What a great way to spend an evening..SHARK FISHING….No, not the man eaters you may have become accustomed to in the movies but the 4 and 5 footers that speed through the water like a torpedo and slam bait like no other fish in the water. You can literally leave your boat dock in your back yard and be in the Charlotte Harbo in minutes. The beauty of living in one of the water front communities in Charlotte County is that  you are minutes from some of the best fishing in the world.  Makes no difference if you want to go out with heavy tackle and catch the behemoths that frequent these waters or you want to hear the reel screaming on your light tackle.  The great thing about sharking is anyone can do it and your success rate is very high. I like to go to the deepest hole in the harbor, surprisingly is only 22 feet. Drop the anchor, throw out a chum bag and put some cut bait on the poles. My wife likes to use floats with about a 3 to 4 foot steel leader while I like to free line my bait or bottom fish with a number 7 hook. Another great method is to drift down the West Wall of the harbor with a live shrimp under a float for for the always fun to catch Bonnet Head sharks that are often confused for baby hammerheads.  No matter if it is Black Tips and Spinner Sharks putting on a show with their high flying head shaking routines, or the heavy long runs of a good size bull shark, or even the short fast runs of a feisty Bonnet Head,  great fishing is right out your back door in Charlotte Harbor Florida.

Shark Fishing South West Florida