Another Day In South West Florida. Offshore Bound!!

Woke the boys up at 5:00 Saturday morning. They know the drill and they don’t complain. 1st stop is the bathroom and then to the kitchen for a very fast bowl of cereal. I am already in the garage by this time making sure all the right gear got laid out the night before as the boys make their way in. They have done this so many times they don’t even  talk. Tristen is on the boat waiting for his brothers Austin and Jay (Jaybird) to hand the gear up. They know exactly what pole goes where, how to hook up the GPS, which tackle box goes in what storage box, how to hook up the lights and chains on the trailer. Check, check, check, it’s all done.


Off to the the gas station on 776 for some fuel and a large coffee and at the Placida boat ramp before 6:15. Everyone out of the truck. Austin is wrenching the plugs in the hull, Tristen and Jay are putting a bow and stern rope on. I back into the water and pull out an empty trailer in seconds. People are looking at the boys obviously impressed at how slick a system they have set up.  They pull the boat out of the way and tie it up as I park the truck. By the time I am at the truck the motors are down everything is secure and we are blowing out the Little Gasparilla Pass  by the crack of daylight.  Not bad for a 10, 11, and 13 year old. I said the same thing when they were 7, 8, and 10.


45 minutes later we are about 30 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico at our first Grouper hole. Boom, fish on!! Austin throws a keeper Red Grouper in the Cooler, Tristen and Jay have a double on, each reeling up tasty Lane Snapper.


Time for the Next stop a couple of miles away. All three boys pull in the anchor in, the two oldest doing the hard part and Jaybird putting the rope in the anchor locker . They hate that part! We hit 5 or 6 spots with each producing something as we work our way back in.

We see huge schools of Bonita that we stop and throw some silver spoons at just to see our light tackle rods bend and hear those reels scream.

Dolphins, flying fish, sea turtles are something we see on every trip. Occasionally a big shark will circle the boat or a bird will land on a motor to the boys amusement.

Back to the boat ramp by 5:00 and at the house a bit after that. The boys hand the cooler down off the boat. I fillet the fish while Tristen and Jay wash the inside of the boat. Austin does the outside. Then they hose the salt off the gear and race for the pool.

Everyone is happy and tired. I always say if I am tired, smell like fish, and have a sunburn, it’s been a great day.

Just another Saturday In South West Florida

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