Punta Gorda Airport and Cheap airplane tickets to Florida. LIKE REALLY CHEAP.

I get this question all the time and people are shocked about  how low the prices are. So I thought I would do a little write up on it and pull some info off some other sites and compile a little of it. I have found that Air Tran,  Allegiant, and Southwest  are the cheapest in my experience. Now … [Read more...]

Ponce de Leon Park Punta Gorda Florida

10 acres on Charlotte Harbor at Ponce de Leon Inlet, ¼ mile raised boardwalk through wetland area, educational signage, boat ramp, boat trailer parking, two fishing piers, playground, man-made beach, shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, Peace River Wildlife Center, parking and beautiful view. Fishing … [Read more...]

Laishley Marina

Laishley Marina in Punta Gorda Florida. Relaxing atmosphere, fishing pier, boat ramp, great food, park. Just another bonus to living on the Charlotte Harbor and South West Florida.   http://youtu.be/hPRps8iFjdg   … [Read more...]

Punta Gorda Farmers Market

Punta Gorda Farmers Market held ever Saturday 8:00 till noon on Taylor Street and W. Olympia Ave. Produce, Baked goods, Organic Items, Meats and Cheeses, Jewelry, Crafts, Fresh Seafood, and much more. From the Punta Gorda Chamer of Commerce: Voted the best small market in Florida and 15th in … [Read more...]

Charlotte Harbor Beach Complex

A video tour around the Charlotte Harbor Beach Complex. http://youtu.be/3X-bnI8J5MQ … [Read more...]

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. It’s whats for dinner.

I know this may not be everyone's cup of tea but it just me. My broker Lynn Doty at Keller Williams Peace River Partners in PGI  and I were driving back from a business card exchange tonight and we came across this fella in the road. He had been run over and had a big hole in his side and was … [Read more...]

Chasing dreams. Stop Wishing and just do it.

Feeling a bit Sappy tonight and this blogging is kind of fun so I thought I would try to put in words what drives a country boy from the hills to the Gulf of Mexico and South West Florida. Have you ever felt home sick and did not know why? Felt like you just belonged somewhere? Or something … [Read more...]

And Down Goes the Mohawk!!

Something new in the water always excites me. So when I heard the news that the retired 165 foot Coast Guard Cutter the  USS Mohawk would be scuttled in about 90 feet of water in the neighborhood of some other reefs that I frequent when heading out of Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor  I … [Read more...]


Every time I take a client out on my boat I get the same question "what are those balls floating everywhere?" ....We have Crabs I tell them. Lots of them!! We have commercial and recreational crab fisherman that put their Crab Pots out loaded with bait to entice these angry fellas into the cage. The … [Read more...]

Scrub Jay lot? What are Scrub Jays?

The Florida Scrub-jay is a bird in the Jay family that is protected under both State and Federal laws. In addition, Scrub habitats, nests and eggs are also protected by these regulations. They are very sought after by bird watchers and can be attracted by   backyards that provide bird-friendly … [Read more...]