Scrub Jay lot? What are Scrub Jays?

The Florida Scrub-jay is a bird in the Jay family that is protected under both State and Federal laws. In addition, Scrub habitats, nests and eggs are also protected by these regulations. They are very sought after by bird watchers and can be attracted by   backyards that provide bird-friendly … [Read more...]

Another Day In South West Florida. Offshore Bound!!

Woke the boys up at 5:00 Saturday morning. They know the drill and they don't complain. 1st stop is the bathroom and then to the kitchen for a very fast bowl of cereal. I am already in the garage by this time making sure all the right gear got laid out the night before as the boys make their way in. … [Read more...]

Gross Rent Multiplier. Handy tool when buying income producing property.

Thinking of buying an income producing property? Don't know what property will yield the most profit, or what property has the most value? A handy tool in your Real Estate Arsenal is the GRM or Gross Rent Multiplier (only for ROUGH ESTIMATE) Only 2 bits of information are required. The … [Read more...]

Tarpon of Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande

  Reel screaming , rod bending,  tackle busting, boat pulling, high flying, silver king. Just a few terms used to describe arguably the best fighting fish on the planet and a frequent catch here in the Charlotte Harbor. Weighing in at an average of 90 to 140 pounds and often caught around … [Read more...]

Freedom Swim. Port Charlotte to Punta Gorda.

Well the Freedom Swim is over for this year and I am still wondering just exactly what I was thinking. 2 years in a row my family and I have swam the 1.5 to 2 mile (depending on how far off course the current blows you)  stretch across the Charlotte Harbor. What is the Freedom Swim? Bonnie … [Read more...]

Charlotte Harbor Sharks!!

What a great way to spend an evening..SHARK FISHING....No, not the man eaters you may have become accustomed to in the movies but the 4 and 5 footers that speed through the water like a torpedo and slam bait like no other fish in the water. You can literally leave your boat dock in your back yard … [Read more...]